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Chapter 991 The News

  • Sophia wondered how many things Ian kept to himself as he was so used to shouldering everything on his own.
  • To be honest, Sophia felt bad for him as he was probably like this due to how he was brought up as a kid.
  • After watching the show for a while, she sent Ian a text message to wish him luck for the championship, even if he might not see it.
  • Then, Sophia placed her phone down. She was starting to feel drowsy, so she got up to wash up before going back to the bed to sleep.
  • Right when Sophia was about to fall asleep, the door to the room opened.
  • John was surprised when he noticed that the room was dark. So, he slowly tiptoed to the washroom to wash up before rummaging through the closet to change into his pajamas. When he was done, he lay on the bed and hugged Sophia.
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