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Chapter 970 It Hurts

  • It took a few moments until Logan finally picked up the call. Hearing the noise in the background, Sophia held back what she was planning to say and asked, “Where are you, Logan? Are you playing poker in your clubhouse or something?”
  • Logan answered, “Oh, no, no. I’m away at the moment. Are you coming over right now?”
  • Chuckling, she made a guess about his whereabouts. “Are you now at the gym?”
  • “Ugh…” Logan sounded panicky upon hearing her question, which indirectly confirmed Sophia’s suspicion. Soon, she smacked her lips and said, “I knew you’d be there. Tell me. Are you there to ask for trouble or help out?”
  • Logan paused, whereupon he tried to brush the question off by replying in a softer tone, “Neither. I’m here because I have some serious business to discuss with that woman.”
  • Sophia curiously asked, “Oh, what kind of serious business do you have with Miss Lola? Could you perhaps enlighten me?”
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