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Chapter 966 He Barely Compares With Roselia

  • That woman is indeed resourceful, knowing how to save herself by resorting to flattery. John organized his thoughts and said, “Ever since Husky was hurt yesterday, I’ve been pulling my weight around to find out who put him in the hospital.”
  • Sophia nodded in agreement and asked, “Have you found that out then?”
  • John responded with an affirmative hum. “Yup, we have a lead on that, but we need Husky to wake up before moving on.” Before Sophia could respond further, John changed the subject and said, “By the way, I got a call from the hospital and was told that Husky is fine despite his severe injury. He should be able to come around today and will be advised to rest after this.” You’re quite the slippery b*stard, Husky! Thank God you managed to fool your attackers by playing dead when they almost killed you. I can’t help but wonder who else is better than you when it comes to tricks and shenanigans.
  • Meanwhile, Sophia decided to give up pressing on upon noticing John’s reaction. After chatting for about ten minutes, Sophia could tell from his voice that he was tired, so she told him to get some shut-eye since they could talk about it when he came home in the afternoon. Feeling tired as Sophia thought, John listened to her and said, “Alright, I’ll get back to my nap then. You should too.”
  • Upon hanging up the call, Sophia gently massaged her temples, slowly lying down in bed. Beat and frustrated, she felt helpless as she knew her usual self would have made her way to see John right away. After all, she was a decisive person who’d act instead of dwell on her worry. That’s who I am.
  • In the meantime, John was in the office, having arrived earlier that morning to rest there after he was done with his work elsewhere. After calling Sophia, he didn’t go back to sleep right away but instead proceeded to go through the stack of files on his table. I need to take care of all these papers before I go out later.
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