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Chapter 953 What Happened During the Transaction

  • Seeing as Matilda was blushing, Sophia put on a smile and rested her palms on John’s shoulders. “Alright. Stop teasing them. Please be careful on the road. I’m exhausted, so I’ll take a rest with John now.”
  • John nodded at his parents and followed Sophia upstairs.
  • When they returned to their bedroom, Sophia started chuckling. “Your parents have fallen in love again at such a mature age.”
  • Walking over, John pulled her into his embrace. “I also thought I would only be able to make you fall in love with me at an old age. I had done all I could to win your heart. If you never agreed to get together with me again, I really wouldn’t know what to do next.”
  • Sophia snorted. “What do you mean you wouldn’t know what to do next? You have many fallback girls anyway. Just give Isabelle a call, and she’ll come over immediately.”
  • At the mention of Isabelle, John felt helpless.
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