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Chapter 945 Movie Tickets for Two

  • Sophia then looked away. “Thanks.”
  • Thinking that she liked the dress he had picked out for her, John smirked. “Do you like the dress I’ve chosen?”
  • Sophia grunted and closed the wardrobe, whereupon she directly got changed into the dress in front of him. With her clothes on, her bulge wasn’t conspicuous, but after she took off her clothes, it was obvious that her belly had grown larger.
  • Grinning, John stretched out his hand to stroke her belly. “Your belly has grown bigger. It feels like only a short period of time has passed.”
  • Gazing at her own belly, Sophia said, “John, not long after we were divorced, you told me you wanted to remarry me. What were you thinking?”
  • John was startled as he never expected that Sophia would mention this.
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