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Chapter 938 Danger Was Really Everywhere

  • Sophia was taking care of the girl who had been stabbed. The girl sat on the ground, sobbing her heart out.
  • The pain was not particularly bad, but it was inevitable that she would be in shock.
  • Sophia looked at the syringe on the ground, unsure what was in it.
  • A lot of people were watching at the entrance of the restroom. After all, two men fighting at the door of the women's restroom was a shocking sight to everyone. The women in the restroom pointed at the man wearing a skirt and screamed, "Hurry up and catch him! This man is a pervert!"
  • The man knew he couldn't escape, but he selfishly wanted to drag others down with him. Thus, he took a switchblade out of his pocket and snapped the blade open.
  • Glancing at Sophia from the corner of his eyes, John saw that she was not injured, so he heaved a sigh of relief.
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