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Chapter 936 All This Would Have Been Mine

  • Zack smiled innocently. "It's okay. We’re partners after all." As he led Isabelle out, John laughed out loud. Although Zack was sometimes a little obtuse, he was quite quick-witted most of the time.
  • John had no idea how long Isabelle stayed in the Constance Group since he had been busy with his work until it was time to clock out.
  • As he left the office, Zack came out of his office as well, and the two of them met in the corridor. John asked him, "Where’s Isabelle? Is she still here?"
  • Zack frowned. "Wait a minute. I'll go take a look."
  • After all, it was impossible for him to pay strict attention to Isabelle's movements all afternoon.
  • Then, Zack went to the meeting room and glanced in before shaking his head toward John from a distance away. His gesture meant that Isabelle had already left. Thus, John just nodded and went on to clock out.
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