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Chapter 913 Sophia Wasn't Jealous At All

  • Mrs. Bailey was covering her face as her voice turned hoarse from crying as that was all she had been doing recently. Her world shattered, after all.
  • However, Isabelle grabbed Mrs. Bailey and held it tightly. “Mom, Grandpa and Dad said that they’ll need me to support the family from now on, but how can I hold on if anything happens to you as well?”
  • Immediately, Mrs. Bailey stopped crying before she stared at Isabelle and turned around abruptly.
  • Although Mrs. Bailey’s face was teary, her facial expression had completely changed as her eyes widened. “What are they trying to do with you now? Haven’t they learned their lesson? Look at what they’ve done to my Dexter?! How dare they put their expectations on you now that Dexter is gone?! Do they still want to ruin more lives?!”
  • Isabelle’s expression was one of helplessness. “I did tell Grandpa that I’m afraid that I won’t be able to manage it as I’m already under a lot of pressure, and I don’t want to do it, but maybe Grandpa and Dad have no other choice anymore.”
  • Mrs. Bailey gritted her teeth. “All these people talk about is family and profit. Is the money that they’ve earned all these years not enough for them to spend?”
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