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Chapter 896 Eye-Opener

  • Logan started shuffling the cards after sitting down.
  • After a round of poker, Sophia asked Logan again, “Why did you leave just now? Be honest with me. Did something happen to Miss Hunt?”
  • Logan’s facial expression started looking awkward as he could never lie to Sophia. A while later, he finally answered, “I didn’t really go out because of her. It’s mainly because my men got into a fight with someone else, so I wanted to help them out, but it coincidentally happened in her gym. I mean, does it even count as doing it for her? I don’t think it does. What do you think?”
  • However, Sophia didn’t know what to say, so she chuckled indifferently. “Whatever you say.”
  • It seemed like Logan felt like what he said wasn’t convincing enough, so he tried to back himself up. “You guys should know that I dislike that b*tch and would be over the moon if anything happens to her. Unless I’m insane, there’s no way that I’ll help her sort things out.”
  • Sophia and Matilda didn’t say anything and continued playing in silence. In contrast, Logan continued complaining while he played, “No man would probably fall in love with a woman that tries to act like a man by acting strong. I mean, it’s not like she can handle it when something like this happens. Haha! Once you start being nice toward people like her, she’ll start climbing all over you. If someone less of a gentleman met her, she would have been done for.”
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