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Chapter 884 The Unraveling of a Family's Mess

  • When Ian was back to training, he felt more relaxed.
  • As for William, he returned to the office in the afternoon but arrived rather late. Instead of heading straight to his office, he went to John’s.
  • John happened to finish reviewing and signing a document, after which he leaned into his chair and pinched between his brows in fatigue. William walked up and sighed before dragging a chair and sinking into it across John. Seeing his father, John immediately asked, “Is everything settled at the Baileys?”
  • Faced with John’s sudden question, William pursed his lips. “There’s no way to settle things. It’s so messy over there.” Among the members of the First Bailey Family, everyone was in shambles except for Isabelle.
  • The Second Bailey Family had been long oppressed by the First Bailey Family, which placed them in an unfavorable position. When the tragedy happened, they could not help to run the family as relatives from close and far all flocked to the Bailey Residence to join in the chaos. Thus, things began spiraling downward at the Baileys.
  • According to William, the hospital would release Dexter’s post-mortem report with the toxin analysis by tomorrow. At that time, they would know the exact cause of death. When the paperwork was settled at the hospital, it would be in time for Dexter’s burial.
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