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Chapter 877 Finding Out About the News Online

  • He assumed that Isabelle wanted to get more details about the accident from him. Therefore, he checked the time and replied that he’d head over at noon. Then, he inquired with William about the situation at the Bailey Residence and was greeted with a sigh. “It’s chaotic here. Now, the elderly in the family are breaking down from the news. It’s a huge blow to them, so of course they couldn’t handle it.”
  • Mrs. Bailey had fainted a couple of times from crying, and Old Mr. Bailey slumped down defeatedly. Even though he refused to meet most people, he was open to meeting with William. From the morning, he pulled William to the side and started rambling about some recent happenings in Dexter’s life. He was probably baffled by the tragedy, and he more or less blamed Isabelle for the young man’s death.
  • Although John was unfamiliar with the dynamics of the Bailey Family, he thought of Dexter’s death as an accident, which was unfair to be pinned on Isabelle.
  • William did not elaborate more on the phone and told his son that more would be discussed when they met up at noon. At first, William had a bad impression of the Baileys. However, Dexter’s death was very upsetting, and he promptly put aside all his grudges from before.
  • After John was done with his work, he made a call to Sophia. At that time, she was up, had breakfast, and was taking a stroll in the garden. He reminded her to be careful on her walk because she was always rash, leaving him worried.
  • She agreed and sounded like she stretched her limbs. Next, she briefly asked about his work and wondered why he’d think of calling her in the middle of the day.
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