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Chapter 874 How Dare You Gloat Over His Misery?!

  • Isabelle staggered backward as she held onto the cart next to her. Then, she reached for her phone with her shaking hands and gave Old Mr. Bailey a call, which the man took a while to pick up. Upon answering the phone, the first thing that Old Mr. Bailey asked was where she was. “Where the heck are you now? I’ve been looking for you. There is a document we need to talk about.”
  • Before Isabelle could respond, her tears started rolling down her cheeks, but Old Mr. Bailey kept urging her to return. A few moments later, Isabelle faked a cough and said, “Dad, I found Dexter.”
  • Old Mr. Bailey paused for a long while and responded in a deep voice, sounding very unhappy. “And? What’s wrong with him this time?”
  • Isabelle fought back her tears. “Dexter was caught in a traffic accident. Please get here as soon as possible.”
  • After a moment of silence, Old Mr. Bailey directly hung up the call. Meanwhile, Isabelle was seen wiping her tears, not knowing when they rolled down from her eyes. Soon, one of the doctors suddenly said, “Oh gosh! This is not good!”
  • Startled by those words, Isabelle immediately got closer and asked, “What’s wrong?! What’s going on?!” Nevertheless, the doctors were too busy to answer her as the nurses took Isabelle further away to keep her from interfering with the doctors. Feeling her limbs going weak, Isabelle staggered backward and leaned against the wall.
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