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Chapter 871 A Road Accident

  • William wrapped his fingers around his phone tightly and probingly asked, “So, are you and Richard really…?”
  • Even without William saying the last few words, Matilda knew what he was trying to ask. So, she let out a sigh and said, “There is nothing complicated between me and Richard. We’re just friends at the moment.”
  • As her answer turned out to be the same as his hunch had been telling him, he replied, “I’m glad to hear that.” Despite his brief reply, those few words meant a lot to Matilda. Hearing no response from the lady, William added, “I think you and I have both changed a lot lately.”
  • William’s words filled Matilda’s mind with a billion question marks. What’s he trying to say? Soon, William continued to say, “I didn’t handle it well in sustaining a healthy marriage life, so I guess I was also responsible for our separation back then.”
  • Matilda only responded with an affirmative hum, not knowing what else to reply to William’s words. Since when has this guy learned how to sweet-talk his way out? The man’s sincere confession made Matilda’s face blush in bashfulness. Shortly after that, William took a deep breath and suggested a plan, “Maybe I should pay a visit to the Flintstone Residence someday.” While Matilda was caught in a trance upon hearing that, William asked, “What about tomorrow? Would it be okay for me to visit in the evening?”
  • Matilda was tongue-tied as her mind frantically searched for the right answer to reply. Gosh! I didn’t expect him to tell me that he’ll be coming. What am I supposed to say? What’s the meaning of this? Before Matilda could respond, William said, “I’ll take that as a yes. See you tomorrow evening.” After finishing his sentence, he took a look at the time and concluded their conversation, “It’s about time now. I need to get going for work. Bye!”
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