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Chapter 869 Try Richard

  • A few seconds later, Logan responded with an angry voice. “You know what? That b*tch really just likes to make me look like a clown! I swear I’m going to wreck her gym one day! That b*tch had better watch out for the rest of her life.”
  • Meanwhile, Sophia couldn’t control herself and burst into laughter. “You’re taking it a little too far, Logan. Why must you pick on Lola out of all the officers who have given you a hard time?”
  • Logan opened his eyes wide and said, “What do you mean I’m taking it too far? Yeah, you’re right. There have been a number of officers who have come and given me a hard time, but she is the most stuck-up cop among them all. Every time Lola showed up, she had to pin me on the table. Darn it! No woman has ever treated me like that!”
  • In fact, when Lola first pinned him on the table, Logan had secretly sworn to himself that he would make this lady pay for her arrogance one day. Nevertheless, this day never came, yet Logan was humiliated by Lola again and again. At the thought of that, he could barely keep his anger contained.
  • As Sophia tried hard to keep a straight face, she propped her chin on the table and stared at Logan’s frustrated look. “Logan, could Lola actually be a curse that’s stuck with you for the rest of your life?”
  • “That’s bullsh*t!” Logan continued to say, “I tell you what. I’ll be sure to teach her a lesson sooner or later. Just wait and see!”
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