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Chapter 868 The Spoiled Brat

  • Unlike his latest arrest, Logan had always turned to Lorraine for help every time there was a spot check at his clubhouse that put him in trouble. Nevertheless, Sophia deemed he brought this upon himself since he was the one who went looking for trouble. While he was too ashamed to reach out to his sister for help, he called Ian a few times, but to no avail, which he reckoned the latter must be having a hangover. Therefore, he had no choice but to ask Sophia to help him out.
  • Needless to say, Sophia knew Logan was probably ashamed of himself, noticing his silence when she paid his bail. Meanwhile, John sniggered with his eyes falling upon the club. “Is he wrecking stuff again in there?”
  • Sophia leaned back on his chair and said, “That’s none of my business. He can do whatever he wants to his own property, so I’m going to just take a rest for now.” Nonetheless, Logan didn’t vent his anger out by wrecking stuff but instead locked himself inside his own room.
  • While the waiter, who put an ear to the door, heard nothing but silence, Sophia and John showed up outside his room a few moments later. Then, the waiter pointed at the room door and helplessly shrugged his shoulders. Upon witnessing his reaction, Sophia smiled and knocked on the door. “It’s almost noon, Logan. Do you want to join us for lunch? Come on, let’s have lunch together.”
  • Nonetheless, her words were met with silence. Soon, John came closer and asked, “Perhaps you could take your time to calm down while we get the dishes ready. By then, you can come out and join us. What do you say?”
  • Leaning against the door, Sophia tried to comfort her friend. “Come on! This is actually not much of a big deal. You’ve always gone in and out of the police station anyway. The only difference is that I’m the one who bailed you out this time instead of your sister.” She paused and asked, “Or is it because you’re worried that you’d look bad in front of me? Does pride really still matter considering how close we are?” Sophia asked that question with a chuckle in a relaxing manner.
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