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Chapter 864 Not Again

  • Soon, they arrived back at the Constance Residence as Sophia directly woke John up. “Wake up. We’re home.” Having fallen asleep, John slowly opened his eyes when Sophia nudged him. Then, he revealed his red eyes, trying to make sense of everything going on the moment he woke up.
  • After that, Sophia proceeded to get out of the car and headed toward the house, leaving John behind in an unconcerned manner. When she passed by the car park, she peeked in that direction and realized that William’s car was nowhere to be seen. With a mischievous smirk, she thought, It looks like someone is having a second round tonight.
  • Meanwhile, Zack directly drove off since John could walk by himself. Then, Sophia and John quietly tiptoed and made their way to their bedroom upstairs because they didn’t want to wake Old Mrs. Constance. While Sophia grabbed her pajamas and was about to brush her teeth, John’s phone rang. However, he was too drunk to pick it up as he was lying in bed at the moment.
  • After a brief hesitation, Sophia turned around and reached for John’s cell phone in his pocket. She then sniggered and answered the call, only to hear Isabelle’s voice. “John, I have something I’d like to tell you.”
  • Sophia asked straightaway, “Yeah, fire away.”
  • Isabelle was stunned to hear an unfamiliar voice before Sophia laughed it off and said, “Well, I suppose it’s not surprising for you to find me by his side at this hour, is it?” What’s so important for Isabelle to call me at this ungodly hour?
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