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Chapter 861 Regret

  • Upon hearing Logan’s words, everyone was amused, bursting into laughter. While Logan was a regular customer as well as a VIP member of the restaurant, they were prioritized and quickly served the moment the dishes were done. In the meantime, Sophia was drooling when she caught the scent of the delicious food, feeling as if she could swallow a horse.
  • John then placed some shrimps into Sophia’s bowl after peeling off the shell. At the same time, Ian was sitting opposite Sophia, taking a quick glimpse at the couple before he took his eyes off them and never looked back again. He seemed to be rather busy, for his phone had been vibrating non-stop. Nevertheless, he only checked it out once in a while, which Sophia reckoned had something to do with his competition.
  • Meanwhile, Logan never mentioned anything about the Morgan Family or Lola again throughout dinner, probably knowing that it would rain on everyone’s parade to talk about the matter.
  • In order to lighten up the atmosphere, Logan tried to get Lincoln and Robin to talk about something funny that had happened amidst their wedding preparation. In response, Robin proceeded to reveal that preparing for a wedding wasn’t as easy as it seemed because it was exhausting and time-consuming. In fact, the preparation had given her a headache until now, as she had only just realized there were so many things to consider. She then went on to describe how tired she was when she and Lincoln shot their wedding photos the other day. After that, she asked Sophia how long their photoshoot took back then.
  • Sophia smiled and told her friend that she couldn’t really remember but later added that their photoshoot didn’t take long because John wanted to save the trouble and ended up going for the most basic package. While wedding photoshoots were usually taken outdoors, this wasn’t the case for the package they chose. For that, Sophia blamed John for taking their wedding lightly. At that moment, John felt a twinge of pain upon hearing the lady’s bitter complaint. He then held Sophia’s hand and promised her a maternity photoshoot when her tummy grew bigger. As he said that, he appeared to be sincere and genuine.
  • Robin nodded and said, “Both of them are so sweet and lovely. I guess the photoshoot doesn’t matter much, anyway.” Soon, she smiled and added in a helpless manner, “I’m so envious of them.”
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