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Chapter 850 Mediator

  • That must be the reason why someone wants to mess with her. She probably deserves that for being an idiot! Preoccupied with those thoughts, Logan had returned to his lounge at his club with an overwhelmingly heavy heart, but even he couldn’t explain why.
  • Logan then paused for a short while and asked, “Are you free today? I’m a little bored here, so do you want to come over?”
  • Sophia knew Logan wanted someone to lend him a pair of ears, so she accepted his invitation without much hesitation. “Sure, I’ll be on my way now. Just give me a moment.” Soon, she proceeded to get changed and set out, but this time, she didn’t ask Matilda to come along since she figured Logan wanted to have some privacy when confiding. It would be better if she went alone.
  • Therefore, John sent some bodyguards to tag along with Sophia as they escorted her to Logan’s club. At that moment, Logan was eating in his lounge with a table full of beer bottles but only a few side dishes. Upon entering, Sophia happened to see Logan pouring himself a glass of beer with a resentful look on his face. She then took a quick glance across the table and asked, “Is this your lunch?”
  • When Logan saw the lady, he pointed at the empty seat beside him. “Come. Join me.”
  • Although Sophia had already taken her lunch, she decided to go along with Logan since he was in a bad mood. After that, she sat down beside him and helplessly glimpsed at the beer bottle. “You should keep off alcohol, especially when you’re feeling down. There is no telling what you might do if you get carried away.” Sophia grabbed the beer bottle and put it elsewhere.
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