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Chapter 835 What Pissed Her Off?

  • Sophia looked down at her phone to browse through the pictures she had just taken before she decided to knock it off when she was satisfied with the results. Then, everyone else sat around the table just as their delightful conversations started to lighten up the atmosphere. Meanwhile, Sophia ordered two bottles of fruit juice since she should keep off alcohol. After that, she told John to take a few pictures and post them onto his social media. Knowing what Sophia meant by that, he obediently went ahead and did as he was told.
  • During dinner, Sophia didn’t say anything much, but Logan was beginning to get carried away as he began to run his mouth off after getting a little tipsy in spite of his initial quietness. After all, he couldn’t forget about the humiliation he suffered from being beaten by a woman, so he went on and on about that non-stop.
  • Nevertheless, John appeared more interested this time, asking Logan how Lola ended up being hospitalized. In response, Logan squinted and pondered on it. “I heard she ran into an illegal racer who had just snatched someone’s bag away. She interfered and retrieved the bag, but the thief came back to retaliate with more men. In the end, she found those people out of her league and ended up suffering a fractured arm.” Then, he added, “Even so, she managed to take the thief to the police station anyway.”
  • Upon hearing that, Sophia shot a gaze at Logan, wondering why he’d speak for her. Why did this guy stand up for her if he doesn’t like Lola so much? What about the previous insults that he made toward her?
  • In the meantime, Matilda responded with an affirmative grunt and said, “How honorable she is! I like her!”
  • Logan pouted and said, “So what? She’s a barbarian who is impossible to be reasoned with. Furthermore, I’m sure you’re not going to like her hideous and menacing look. If you see her in person, you’ll know what I’m saying.”
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