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Chapter 827 A Charming Man

  • The man called to ask where Matilda was, and that he was going over to fetch her.
  • After clapping Matilda’s shoulder, Sophia pointed at herself. Looking surprised for a moment, Matilda then nodded and told the man that she was going with a friend.
  • Listening to their conversation, Sophia could tell that the man was taken aback. Quickly composing himself, he agreed to it and said he would arrive shortly.
  • After the call ended, Sophia turned to Logan. “Logan, you should get some sleep. It’s obvious that you never had a shut-eye last night. Matilda and I are leaving soon.”
  • Since Logan was indeed exhausted, he nodded. He didn’t have a proper sleep last night, and in the morning, he was punched in the face by Lola. Up until this point, he still couldn’t believe what had happened as his mind was buzzing.
  • After examining Logan’s expression for a while, Matilda finally realized that something was amiss. Usually, he isn’t like this.
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