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Chapter 818 William Is Shy

  • Sophia wasn’t crying. Rather than feeling sad, she was just a little tired. Just when she thought she could live a happy life with John, her biological mother came to trouble her.
  • Before long, John came back into the car and stroked her face. Without Sophia having to ask, he said, “They’re leaving tomorrow, and they’ve promised to never harass you again. Don’t worry.”
  • Sophia grunted in response.
  • Knowing that it was useless for him to say anything at this point, as no one could console her except for herself, John simply heaved a sigh. “Let’s go home.”
  • When the car started moving, Sophia exhaled slowly and said, “From now on, I have no more relatives. Perhaps I should celebrate.”
  • John turned to her, who was gazing out the window with an indifferent expression, as though she wasn’t the one who said that just a moment ago. Then, he pulled her hand toward him and gripped it firmly. “You still have me.”
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