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Chapter 808 Matilda Is Going Home

  • After having breakfast, John went to work, while Old Mrs. Constance and Matilda stayed downstairs. When Sophia came downstairs, Matilda walked over and said, “I had wanted to wake you up, but John said that you had awakened, and you’d come downstairs when you’re hungry.”
  • Sophia nodded. “I wasn’t hungry, so I didn’t want to move.”
  • Gazing at Sophia’s belly, Matilda said, “You have to exercise moderately. When I—” She caught herself, for she didn’t think she should say this here.
  • Previously, Old Mrs. Constance had insisted that Matilda and William should be separated, even though she also helped fend off Yolanda. However, Matilda wasn’t sure what was on her former mother-in-law’s mind, so she decided against saying what she had wanted to say to spare them the embarrassment.
  • Standing in the doorway, Old Mrs. Constance had heard what Matilda said, but she just took a look at her without responding.
  • Since Sophia had gone to the dining hall to have her breakfast, Matilda decided to follow her. In fact, she had to return to Flintstone Residence later. Since the Flintstones had found out that she had stayed over in Constance Residence, her mother called to ask her what happened.
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