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Chapter 801 Resentful

  • With the glass of water in her hands, Sophia said, “I have a smaller appetite now. If I drink any water now, I won’t be able to eat anything later. So, I’d better not drink it now. Anyway, I accept your apology, therefore you don’t have to mention it again in the future.”
  • Isabelle shot a look at her glass of water and replied, “If you say so.”
  • Matilda gazed at the glass and thought, The glass of water was already there when we arrived, thus it must be Isabelle who had prepared it. So, Sophia’s concern wasn’t unfounded. She then raised her gaze to examine Isabelle, who didn’t appear to be flustered or guilty.
  • Isabelle stared back at her with confidence. A moment later, she turned to John and talked about their recent business cooperation.
  • Most of the time, John listened to her without uttering a word, while making occasional grunts. It was apparent to the others that John wasn’t interested in discussing work on this occasion.
  • As though she wasn’t aware of it, Isabelle went on to talk about the stocks she would be buying from Constance Company and even went over the details.
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