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Chapter 8 Chance Meeting

  • With her luggage in tow, Sophia went to the airport early next morning. Because the flight was too early, Sophia kept yawning from her insufficient sleep. Not long after arriving at the airport, the announcer started calling the passengers for her flight to come on board.
  • Zack booked a business class seat for her. Sophia went in first, so the passenger beside her hadn’t arrived yet. After she put her luggage and sat down, Sophia yawned a few more times. More passengers came in after her, but not many. Hmm, not many passengers this time. She looked around her before lying down in a comfy position. Then she put on her eyeshade and slept.
  • Because she didn’t sleep much last night, Sophia drifted to sleep after she closed her eyes. She didn’t realize someone came to sit beside her later, nor did she care. It wasn’t until a stewardess came did she wake up. Sophia was gently nudged, then the stewardess told her, “Excuse me, miss. Do you need anything to drink?”
  • Sophia pulled her eyeshade up and squinted. “Cola with ice, thank you.” After the stewardess poured her drink, the passenger beside her took it for her. She took it and had a sip before saying thank you, to which the passenger replied, “You’re welcome.” Wait, that voice… It’s familiar. Too familiar. Sophia paused for a moment, then, ever so slowly, she turned around to see who the passenger was. When she saw who it was, her expression froze.
  • John stared at her for a few moments before looking back at Zack. Zack was covering his face, for he hadn’t been able to bring himself to look at John ever since the latter noticed Sophia was in the seat right beside him. Sophia also looked at Zack, and she arched her eyebrow. Zack turned his back on both of them and plugged his ears with his earphones, pretending not to know anything.
  • “Zack booked this ticket for me.” Sophia smacked her lips. “I didn’t know this would happen.”
  • Being the aloof man, John only grunted, stopping Sophia from asking a few questions she would like answered. It was impossible to sleep now, so she took out her tablet to binge some dramas. It wasn’t like her to binge-watch dramas, though she downloaded some shallow ones to kill time. Unfortunately, she couldn’t keep her eyes on her tablet, for she started looking at John a few moments later.
  • John was approving some documents in his laptop. He was wearing a pair of anti-glare glasses, and Sophia had never seen this side to him.
  • She glanced at him out of the corner of her eye, and she had to say that John was handsome. Well, all of the Constance men were decent-looking, but John was the hottest of them all. That was why she fell for him at first sight, for she was a shallow woman.
  • Sophia knew where she stood, so she would admit that aside from his looks, she didn’t like anything else about him, but that soon changed, though she didn’t know what the reason was even until now.
  • Before they were divorced, Sophia would always grin whenever she saw or thought of him. I never felt that way about any other guy, though. Then she quickly retracted her gaze and scolded herself, You’re divorced, so stop thinking about this. No matter how great he is, if he doesn’t love you, then it’s worth zilch.
  • Sophia put her tablet down and wore her eyeshade again. Even if she couldn’t sleep, she didn’t want to see him. Not long after she leaned back against the seat with her arms crossed, she felt John unbuckling himself and left. She pulled her eyeshade up to glance at him. Probably went to the restroom. Then, she leaned back again.
  • He came back a short while later, then he nudged her elbow, but she pretended not to notice it. However, when her elbow was nudged again, Sophia frowned. She took her eyeshade off, only to find a stranger before her, though he had a smart getup.
  • He smiled at Sophia. “Hello.”
  • “Anything?” replied Sophia.
  • The man smiled sheepishly. “Nothing. I was bored sitting back there, and I noticed you look bored too, so I came to chat.”
  • Sophia frowned. I looked like I was sleeping, not bored. John had returned, but when he noticed someone was at his seat, he didn’t make any move. He could see that the man was flirting with Sophia, but judging by the dumb, flabbergasted look on her face, he knew she didn’t notice his obvious flirting. And she said she was looking for a fling in the bar? Not with her stupid head she isn’t.