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Chapter 795 Playing Poker

  • Sophia grunted and fell silent.
  • Initially, Logan was uncomfortable being with Matilda, for he wasn’t close to her. Moreover, there was a generational gap between them. However, poker was a good game to bring people together.
  • After playing the game and chatting with each other for a while, the atmosphere slowly became warm. Gazing at his cards, Logan said, “Madam Flintstone, watch out. I’m about to win the game.”
  • Unperturbed, Matilda replied teasingly, “You should be the one watching out instead. I’ve won many rounds thanks to your contributions.”
  • Logan guffawed. “You’re right. I didn’t expect that you’re so skillful at playing poker. Please come here often when you’re free because a competitive rival like you is hard to come by.”
  • Unable to take it anymore, Sophia refuted, “Stop flattering yourself since you’re lousy at this game. Normally, your friends would let you win because if you lose, you’ll pester them incessantly to keep playing. They have no choice but to lose intentionally. Trust me, it has nothing to do with your poker skills. I’m speaking the truth.”
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