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Chapter 793 Meeting Logan

  • Sophia raised her hand and patted the usher on the shoulder. “It must be hard for all of you to follow such a leader.”
  • The usher grinned. He was on familiar terms with Sophia, so he wasn’t too reserved in his speech. “We’re not sure what’s wrong with Young Master Jefferson in this area. We couldn’t get him to stop no matter what we did. Other than that, he’s a good boss.”
  • The people in this clubhouse had worked for Logan for quite many years. Logan usually had a happy-go-lucky attitude, and he was really decent to his subordinates. No matter what problem any of them met with, Logan would be the first to help. His temperament was obnoxious, but he was also really honorable and devoted. If he considered someone as one of his own, he would treat that person very well indeed.
  • As they were chatting, Logan came back. He stopped the car at the entrance, then got out and ran into the hall. He hadn’t seen Sophia for a long time, so he really missed her. Rushing over to her, he was about to give Sophia a bear hug when Matilda hurriedly stopped him.
  • Logan’s movements halted in the air. His arms were still wide open as he turned to look at Matilda. “You’re here too?”
  • Matilda didn’t answer his question but instead said, “Put your arms down. My Sophia is carrying a baby in her belly, so don’t simply touch her.”
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