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Chapter 790 Something to Do With the Bailey Family

  • Sophia and Matilda were strolling about in the garden. William and John saw them at once when they got out of the car, after which they stopped in their tracks. William stood next to the car and looked in Matilda’s direction. “When your matter is handed over to Dylan, the Bailey Family’s matters are also handed over to him. Although Isabelle is still the main person responsible for them, most of the work has been handed over to the business manager.”
  • John made a noncommittal grunt. “Really? I haven’t noticed. At work, I’m not really interested in their family’s matters.”
  • William paused for a moment before asking, “Did that guy you capture say anything?”
  • Turning his head, John looked at William. “He did reveal some of it, and I’m investigating now. I have a feeling that it has something to do with the Bailey Family. But it’s just a feeling.”
  • William froze. Then, he frowned and asked, “Are you sure?”
  • After all, the Bailey Family was involved in business. Although they had many tactics and schemes, they probably wouldn’t do such a thing. Even if they really had a dispute with the Constance Family, they would just lay some obstacles for the latter in the business circle instead of getting someone to do something so unscrupulous like this.
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