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Chapter 781 The Pot Calling the Kettle Black

  • William was a very sentimental person. If it weren’t for his feelings for Matilda over so many years, he wouldn’t have endured her attitude in the past. Later, his feelings for her were almost worn out, so he thought that it would be for the best if they got divorced. However, she had changed almost overnight.
  • When he saw her, his heart had pounded hard and fast for some inexplicable reason. He was no spring chicken anymore, so it would be embarrassing for him to tell anyone about it.
  • Anyway, it was an extraordinary feeling.
  • But if someone told him to reconcile with Matilda immediately, he wouldn’t dare to do so either. The trauma of the past was still there. Even if she had changed, he didn’t believe that she could change completely.
  • As he chatted with Old Mrs. Constance, Sophia and Matilda both came down the stairs, followed by John, who was looking quite amused.
  • Matilda mumbled as she came down the stairs, “I did actually wake up once but watching her sleep so well, I felt drowsy again and fell back asleep. I never sleep so much, alright? It has never been possible.”
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