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Chapter 775 The Mountain King

  • Looking at him so cowardly, Sophia didn’t care to speak anymore. Both of them went out after staying in the room for a short while.
  • Sophia went to the room next door to get Matilda, who wasn’t actually asleep. Now that she was back here, she couldn’t really get used to it, so she kept standing at the window looking out.
  • She had seen William and John coming back together. At first, she had wanted to go and greet them, but she felt that it would be a bit too abrupt to do so, hence, she had suppressed it.
  • Sophia did not knock on the door but opened it directly. “Come and have lunch.”
  • Turning around, Matilda looked at Sophia and said, “Sure. I’ll wash my face first and go down in a minute.”
  • Sophia pulled John’s arm. “Then we’ll go ahead first.” After speaking, she withdrew from the room, closed the door, and then asked John, “Is your dad back yet?”
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