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Chapter 773 Returning to the Constance Residence

  • Sophia broke away from John’s embrace and changed the subject. “When does your dad intend for us to go back there? I don’t actually want to go to the Constance Residence, but I suppose I can put up with it for a while if it means I can play cupid for him and Madam Flintstone.”
  • John thought for a while. “The sooner, the better. I’ll start getting busy soon, so I’m worried if you’re both here. If you go over to the Constance Residence, there will be many people taking care of you there. That way, I’ll feel more reassured.”
  • Sophia had no opinion on where exactly she should spend her days. “I’ll just follow whatever you guys plan.”
  • John felt assured after hearing her words.
  • That night, they did not talk much. John went off to work the next morning. Just as Sophia finished her breakfast, someone came by and said that he was there to bring Sophia and Matilda to the Constance Residence.
  • That’s incredibly quick!
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