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Chapter 771 Tonight Was Rewarding

  • On the other side, John hung up the phone, looking a bit annoyed. He muttered to himself, “Why did he call at such a critical moment? Ugh, now everything’s messed up.” Sophia sat in the passenger seat next to him, which was slightly lowered. Her face was a little red.
  • Before the phone rang, John had already pressed himself on Sophia’s upper body and longingly left a trail of kisses on her. Although he knew that he couldn’t go overboard, he was still annoyed that such a passionate session was interrupted by a call.
  • Sophia relaxed for a while before she was able to calm down. She closed her eyes, a little annoyed at herself. Why was I so submissive? Why didn’t I put up a struggle? Now it appears as if I’ve accepted him.
  • John put down his phone and said with some frustration, “Well, let’s go back now. My father should be going home soon.” Sophia adjusted her seat back to the normal position without a word.
  • John drove rather fast all the way back, and when they got home, they happened to see William smoking at the door of the living room. Sophia lifted her head to see Matilda’s room was still illuminated with lights. Matilda hasn’t slept yet, so what is William doing out here?
  • Sophia was a little dissatisfied with him. This man really doesn’t understand romance at all.
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