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Chapter 767 Three Strikes

  • The man grunted. He said nothing but turned his head to look at Sophia. His eyes were bloodshot as cold sweat trickled down his forehead, but his expression still showed his stubbornness.
  • Sophia chuckled. Her voice was crisp as she said, “The way you behave makes me itch to hurt you.”
  • With that, she plunged the dagger downward and made another clean cut into his other arm.
  • This time, the man didn’t manage to hold back a howl.
  • Fabian clapped hard for Sophia, saying, “Amazing. I’ve really underestimated you. I think you can match up to me in this area.”
  • He thought he himself was quite capable of torturing others, but now that he was looking at Sophia, he felt that they were well-matched.
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