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Chapter 751 He Was Being Followed

  • As of now, John started to notice the annoying side of her. Clearly, he had been quite frank with her, but she chose to be ignorant of the situation. Annoyed by her continuous pestering, John was beginning to feel a flicker of irritation.
  • Feeling reluctant to answer the call, John waited for a little while longer. Once the line was connected, Isabelle’s voice sounded from the phone. “John, I’ve heard of the changes within the Constance Group. Is it true that Young Master Dylan will handle our orders from now on?”
  • “I guess Dylan has contacted your company about it. I have a lot on my plate lately, so from today onward, he will be handling all matters with your company. Considering your company usually places bulk orders, it’ll be better for both sides if there is a person in charge to oversee everything.”
  • Lowering her voice, Isabelle muttered, “John, is it because of me?”
  • With his brows knitted together, John chided, “What about you? We’re business partners. I’m not someone who will allow anyone to affect my work.” Obviously, there was a sudden change in his tone, and John sounded cross.
  • Hearing that, Isabelle didn’t utter a word. Unwilling to go on with this matter, John concluded, “That’s all I can say. Miss Bailey, I need to get busy now, so if you have any work-related matters, feel free to approach Zack. He’ll be helping out with all the handovers, so don’t worry. It won’t affect your order delivery at all.” Without waiting for a reply from Isabelle, John hung up the phone.
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