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Chapter 742 Analysis

  • After the waiter had left, Sophia said, “I saw a guy with her. They met up at the front door for a moment before going in.”
  • “A guy?” Matilda frowned. “You must be seeing things.”
  • It was impossible for Mrs. Bailey to go out with a man. She was an arrogant woman who cared about her pedigree, so she would never go out with another man without her husband beside her. Sophia wasn’t sure either, for she only had a glimpse. It could be possible she got the wrong person.
  • Taken aback, Matilda got to her feet and went to look outside the window, but there was nothing to be seen for the moment. “You must have gotten the wrong person,” she mumbled. “I don’t think she’d do that.”
  • Sophia leaned back against the chair and played along. “I guess. I only had a glimpse, so I’m not sure. I’m getting stupider these days, and my eyes are playing tricks on me.” Even so, Matilda looked on for a while before coming back to her spot. The waiter then came with their water, and Sophia poured a glass for her and Matilda. “You must have gotten along with Mrs. Bailey well.”
  • Matilda picked her glass up. “Yes. I used to adore Isabelle, so I got along with the Baileys. That’s why Mrs. Bailey has been polite to me.”
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