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Chapter 738 A Call From Family

  • John hugged her from behind. “I’ve been holding it in, Sophia.” Confused, Sophia kept quiet, then he said rather depressingly, “All I can do is hug you. Any man would find it hard to hold it in.”
  • Sophia finally knew what he was talking about. She muttered clearly, “Well, you can sleep outside, then.”
  • John quickly went into silent mode, and he lay down on the bed quietly, but Sophia couldn’t sleep. She kept thinking of how he had taken care of her and how he didn’t go out there to flirt. He must be holding it in hard.
  • Then she remembered the news about John leaving the bar with a woman, and she let out a sigh. It still didn’t sit well with her. Sophia didn’t think much of it when the news first came out, but now it rubbed her the wrong way, so she pried his hand that was on her waist away. “Don’t touch me.”
  • John, still ignorant about this, was surprised. “What’s wrong?”
  • Sophia put some distance between them. “Don’t touch me. Leave me alone.”
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