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Chapter 737 Impression

  • However, after the argument in the hospital, she thought Isabelle’s love had dragged her down to the pit of obsession. Even so, she was still a dangerously smart individual. If she wanted to make a move on her, she wouldn’t do it herself, so Sophia thought she must have had her men working with her, each playing their own part. Then she looked at John. “So you found out about her lackey?”
  • “Yes. She brought a guy. He didn’t go for a checkup, and she didn’t either. The guy left the hospital after she did.”
  • Sophia nodded. “That proves my theory. Isabelle must have wanted that guy to hurt me.” But… She clicked her tongue. “How dare they do this in broad daylight?”
  • John frowned. “You might be reading too much into this. I don’t think they’d do this.” Even though he didn’t know Isabelle that well, he thought she wouldn’t do that, for Isabelle was a mild-tempered woman, at least to him.
  • Sophia looked at him. “You don’t know a lot of things, but you don’t have to know about this. It’s better this way.” Once her mask was done, she went to wash her face and went through her routine’s next section.
  • John stood on the veranda and called Zack to keep an eye on the guy Isabelle brought to the hospital with her.
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