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Chapter 736 Yolanda and William

  • Matilda smiled. “Look at John. He clings onto you like a sloth on superglue, but still you aren’t agreeing to his proposal. I’m scared. What if I have to go through that before he agrees to date me again?”
  • Yolanda left with William in the end, just as Sophia predicted.
  • Matilda and John sent them off, while Sophia looked out from the window. Looking at Matilda, she presented herself well, smiling and composed.
  • Sitting on the passenger seat, Yolanda rolled down the window and waved at Matilda. If they didn’t know better, they’d think she and William were a couple.
  • As William drove away, Sophia shouted, “Hey, what are you guys doing? You can’t let them leave together. Why didn’t you hail a ride for Ms. Bloom?”
  • John laughed. “You’d do that, I’m sure.”
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