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Chapter 734 The Chat

  • John and Sophia looked at each other before going in. William thought something was wrong, so he wanted to call Matilda and Yolanda back, but John stopped him.
  • Sophia smiled. John was just inviting Yolanda out of courtesy. He wasn’t planning on her actually having dinner with them. It’d be awkward if Yolanda and Matilda were around the same table, so they ditched the plan.
  • Quickly finishing her dinner, Sophia went upstairs, but a while later, she called from the staircase, “Mom, did you see my plaid shirt? You kept it for me, didn’t you?”
  • Matilda looked up in surprise. “It’s in your cabinet!”
  • “I don’t see it,” Sophia mumbled. “Never mind. I’ll look around.” After a while, she came out again. “Mom, do you know where the ultrasound report is? It’s missing!”
  • John came out of the dining room. “It’s in the cabinet. Try looking there.”
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