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Chapter 732 A Guest Arrives

  • Since his work was almost done, John tidied up and left once the clock hit five. At the same time, the Baileys came out of William’s office, but John went to the exclusive elevator, ignoring them. He then went down without waiting for anyone.
  • William pretended not to see him and sent the Baileys to the elevator’s doorstep, then they waited. Upon glancing at the number on the elevator’s screen, Isabelle retracted her gaze. When they went down and left the company, John was already nowhere to be seen.
  • Old Mr. Bailey made some small talk with William before leaving with Isabelle in his car, then he sighed after they closed the door. “John is still as distant as ever.” Isabelle said nothing. A moment later, Old Mr. Bailey looked at her. “I don’t understand. Why do you even like him?”
  • Isabelle looked at the company’s gates, and she said defiantly, “I don’t care. I love him. If it weren’t because of his grandfather, he wouldn’t have married Sophia. We would have gotten married instead, and he wouldn’t have treated me so indifferently.”
  • Old Mr. Bailey stared at her, and he changed the topic. “Your brother’s parent-teacher meeting is just around the corner. You should attend it. His teacher called to say that he’s been performing well, and he’s really studious. I’m glad he is.”
  • Isabelle sighed. “Sure, I’ll attend it.”
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