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Chapter 721 A Small Discussion

  • They went into the shop and ordered something to drink. Isabelle looked outside and made a seemingly offhand statement. “Miss Gwendolyn seems to be walking oddly the last time I saw her.”
  • Matilda chuckled. “Is that so?” she answered with a question.
  • Isabelle looked at her from the corner of her eye and smiled faintly. They went to have lunch after having their boba tea, and Isabelle treated her all the way. Matilda let her do what she wanted. When it was almost time, she made some small talk with Isabelle and hailed a ride home. John was already there and had lunch when she came home, while Sophia was on a recliner in the yard, looking relaxed.
  • John was looking in a certain direction in the yard, and when Matilda got out of the car, she heard him say, “You think it’s here too?”
  • Sophia didn’t look where John was looking. “Yeah, I think so. You might want to check if any unit was rented out and who the tenant is.”
  • John nodded. “Yeah. I think that’s about the angle, but I didn’t manage to look into it closely.”
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