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Chapter 719 Another Call From Isabelle

  • Zack sat down on a chair. “Sophia’s smarter than I think. I couldn’t have found out about this guy if it were up to me.”
  • To that, John smiled. “She’s always been smart. I used to think she wasn’t, but now I know I was wrong.”
  • She used to appear naive and dumb, but that was only because she loved him too much. That inevitably made her lose all personality, but after the divorce, her true character resurfaced.
  • “You look happy every time you talk about her,” Zack commented.
  • John chuckled. “You’ll know why when you fall in love.”
  • “I wonder how frustrated Isabelle would be if she sees you talking about someone else so happily.” Zack sighed. Then, he continued to say, “I looked into her again in case I missed something, but still I couldn’t find any clue that points to her as the culprit. Unbelievable.”
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