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Chapter 718 Buying Jewelry

  • Zack said okay and hung up, then John went downstairs to tweak the surveillance cameras.
  • Meanwhile, Sophia opened her eyes. D*mn. Being so vulnerable makes me sick. She went for her phone and took a look at the date. The next checkup is around the corner. I bet they’ll make their move then. She sat up and tried to come up with something, and out popped a plan.
  • The tweak didn’t take long, and the technicians left after that. Ms. Cannon went to tidy up, and John was in the yard, making a call, then he came up. When he came in, Sophia was still lying on her bed. She was getting less inclined to move around now.
  • John caressed her face. “I’ll be going to the company now, but someone will be standing guard. It’s fine, so don’t worry.”
  • Sophia grunted. “Yeah.”
  • John stared at her for a while before leaving the room. Instead of going to the company, he went to the mall and made a beeline for the jewelry store.
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