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Chapter 716 I'm Sorry

  • After giving it a thought, Sophia said, “Maybe someone doesn’t want me to give birth to this baby.”
  • Twisting her head and peering at her over her shoulders, Matilda could guess who she meant. If there was really someone who didn’t want her to have the baby, there was only one person who came to her mind.
  • A few minutes later, Sophia’s phone rang while she was sitting there on her bed. She glanced at the caller and frowned. Then, she rejected the call without hesitation.
  • Taken aback, Matilda asked, “Who’s calling? Why aren’t you answering the call?”
  • Letting out a sigh, she answered, “That’s a spam call, and it has called me many times before, so I don’t feel like picking it up.”
  • Matilda merely acknowledged with an ‘I see’, and she didn’t think anything else of it. Out of boredom, Sophia browsed the Internet on her cell phone and lay down on the bed again. Thankfully, she was always feeling sleepy from her pregnancy, so she could catch some sleep whenever she had nothing else to do. After she had Matilda help her to close the curtain halfway and block out the light on her side, she drifted off to sleep.
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