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Chapter 715 Probing the Guy

  • A smirk spread across Sophia’s face. Maybe it was because of the environment she grew up in, for she would unwittingly consider more things in any situation.
  • Soon, John returned with Zack, and they both got out of the car quickly when it came to a stop at the front of the house.
  • “Are you alright?” John asked, standing next to her.
  • “I’m fine,” she replied and pointed to the guy with her chin. “There, that’s the guy. He was working rather slowly in the beginning, but when he noticed that I was watching him, he began to work seriously.”
  • Following the direction she was gesturing at, John glanced at the guy, but he couldn’t tell anything amiss with him. Since he had requested that there should be no blind spots in both levels of the house, it had turned out to be quite a big job, so many people were needed for it. With that many people around, the place turned out a little chaotic, and very little could be observed even if one tried very hard.
  • Zack took a look and went into the house, where the designer was also there and was checking out the best way to install the surveillance cameras in the most efficient manner.
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