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Chapter 714 The Fishy Guy

  • Soon after, a car stopped outside the house and someone got off. From the house, Matilda came out and stared at them. One of them who was older told her that they were sent by John to install the cameras. Acknowledging them, Matilda hurriedly invited them inside.
  • Since the whole house would be installed with the monitoring devices, it was considered as a rather major project and many workers would be needed for it. Sophia watched as these people went into the house carrying their tools. Then, she asked the older man, “Are all these people the employees of your company?”
  • Taken aback, that man hurriedly nodded. “Yes, yes. They’re all my employees.” He even added that he knew John personally and his company was also responsible for the surveillance system in his company. “After-sales services are also guaranteed, so don’t worry.”
  • However, that was the least of Sophia’s concern, and as she watched the workers, she asked in a different manner, “What I’m asking is, have all those workers been in your company for years?”
  • “Huh?” he blurted in confusion. Then, he racked his mind and shook his head. “One of them hasn’t. Initially, another employee was supposed to come. In the end, he had an emergency and found someone else to take over the job. That person is new here.”
  • Stunned, she pressed on by asking, “Who’s the one replacing the missing employee?”
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