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Chapter 708 The World in Chaos

  • Continuing the conversation, John said, “After this show, Lorraine should probably be able to launch a group of idol stars.”
  • Naturally, Logan linked the topic to Ian. “Yeah, I mentioned the same to her the last time we spoke. She told me that an agency already approached Ian, but she doesn’t want to sign up any artist for herself. Otherwise, she would have kept this group of people in her hands.” Chuckling, he continued, “I even specifically told her to keep a look out for a reliable agency for Ian.”
  • “Yeah, it’s such a shame that Lorraine didn’t sign up any artist for herself,” John agreed.
  • He nodded. “If Ian is in my sister’s hands, he’ll actually have better developments, but she thinks it’s too much of a hassle. Even though investments in artists have high returns, there are too many troublesome details to take care of in between which she doesn’t want to deal with.”
  • “Yeah, that’s true.”
  • After speaking, he glanced at Sophia and breathed a sigh of relief when he saw that she seemed to have missed their conversation and was eating happily.
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