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Chapter 707 He Used to Not Love Her

  • John hummed in the affirmative. “We’ll go meet him in person later.”
  • Upon noticing that everybody had arrived, Ms. Cannon began cooking, while Sophia’s stomach began churning as soon as she took in the greasy smell from the kitchen. Therefore, she stood to leave. “I’ll be getting some rest upstairs. Enjoy yourselves.”
  • Matilda knew Sophia might be feeling unwell, so she chimed in, “Yeah, you probably should after shopping for such a long time.”
  • Without checking on anybody else, Sophia walked upstairs languidly. She then got herself a change of clothes before lying down on bed. Despite initial plans to dissect the matter in order to predict Isabelle’s next move, she was feeling drowsy soon enough. Her mind was muddled up when she was halfway through recalling her long-standing feud with Isabelle, and she dozed off after that.
  • Thus, she had no idea what the people downstairs were talking about. All she knew was someone embraced her from behind when she was still sleeping. “You have such a short temper,” a voice chided. She wasn’t fully awake, so she shied away from whoever that was behind her, which made the person smile, but neither did she fully register it as she flipped herself over to continue sleeping.
  • John lay beside her with a smile and began patting her shoulder after she was once again sound asleep. Some time later, Matilda came to fetch them both, but she merely reprimanded John without stepping into the room. “Didn’t I tell you to fetch her for dinner? What are you even doing?”
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