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Chapter 706 Magnanimous B*stard

  • By that point, Matilda was a lot calmer, even managing to laugh upon giving the situation some thought. “You’re the only one who can overpower John. He was never like that with anyone.”
  • “He wasn’t as caring toward me back then. I was also used to being ignored by him,” Sophia muttered.
  • There was a moment’s pause when Matilda turned to look at Sophia. After that, she reached out to hold Sophia’s hand. “I am partially responsible for how he treated you back then, as I used to badmouth you in front of him, so I might’ve influenced his decision. However, despite how he treated you in the past, you can’t deny that you’re now his only love.”
  • Sophia fell silent upon hearing Matilda’s confession. It wasn’t until a while later that the driver Logan called for arrived, who drove them home as soon as they hopped in. Halfway through their journey, Logan got a call from Mark. Other than informing him that the man they caught was locked in the clubhouse’s basement, Mark was also inquiring on what to do next.
  • Despite being a hooligan, Logan didn’t actually know a lot about interrogation. Much as he was a b*stard, he was a magnanimous b*stard who preferred to settle disputes in a direct manner. If it was up to him, he would first break the man’s arm, but he knew his savage behavior wouldn’t help in finding out more about the mastermind, which was why he hesitated. “Well... Hold on... Keep him in there while I ask around.”
  • Hanging up, Logan gave John a text. In the meantime, Sophia was leaning against the window while pondering on her circumstances. The person behind this incident should be the same as the one from before, as she didn’t think she had so many enemies who would want to seek revenge against her. She didn't have that level of notoriety. In fact, she only had one person in mind upon going through her list of candidates.
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