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Chapter 703 Being Tailed by Someone

  • Startled, Logan asked, “Where exactly are you?”
  • Sophia told him the name of the mall. However, Logan was slightly averse to the idea. “I don’t see why I should go shopping with you. Besides, I would feel like a pervert if I were to go browsing women’s clothing with you people.”
  • “That’s not what I meant,” Sophia interjected. “We’re done shopping, so why don’t you come have a chat with us? We will go home after that, or even have dinner at my place. As you say, the more the merrier.”
  • Logan liked meeting up with friends, so he agreed to Sophia’s arrangement after giving it some thought. Then, he told Sophia to wait for him while he was on his way. After hanging up, Sophia looked around with worry, which prompted Matilda to do the same anxiously. “What’s wrong? Did you call Logan so that he can offer us some protection?”
  • Sophia ordered some coffee and hot chocolate before explaining, “I am not sure if that’s the case, but I had a feeling that a man was taking photos of me outside the lift.”
  • Taken aback by what Sophia told her, Matilda observed Sophia from up close. “Are you sure it’s not because you look beautiful?”
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