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Chapter 701 Nary a Thing

  • Elder Mr. Bailey’s expression remained unchanged. “You never used to give up so easily in the past. Child, let me ask you this—back then, you said you like John, so it didn’t matter even if he was married. Does that still apply now?”
  • Isabelle raised her head and looked at him, her tears falling uncontrollably. After a moment’s hesitation, she murmured, “Yes. I still love him.” Although John and Sophia already had a child, her feelings for him hadn’t diminished an iota. She’d been harboring feelings for this man for too long a time that her love for him was now in her bones.
  • Her grandfather nodded. “That’s enough, then. You’re not the kind of person who admits defeat easily, so just go for it if you love him. We all support you. They’re not planning to remarry now, so the only connection between them is the unborn child. There’s nothing else, so you definitely stand a chance. Do you understand my meaning?”
  • Taken aback, Isabelle gaped at him, but his expression was exceedingly calm. It was as though those despicable remarks earlier had nothing to do with him. Isabelle, however, was very much shocked that he’d openly encouraged her, his own granddaughter, to break up someone else’s marriage, and he’d spoken without any compunction at that. She pursed her lips. “Grandpa, I’m actually a tad afraid.”
  • On the contrary, the old man wasn’t the least bit afraid. In fact, it didn’t even register as an issue with him. “It’s fine, Isabelle. You have nothing to worry about,” he declared earnestly. “If it weren’t for Sophia Gwendolyn back then, you and John would’ve been together long ago. Thus, it was underhanded of her in the first place.”
  • All at once, Isabelle was reminded of John coming over to Bailey Residence to call off their marriage. At that time, we’d even had the wedding date picked out, so there was just one more step left. We were a heartbeat away from getting married, but Sophia Gwendolyn popped out! Then, she slowly nodded. “Indeed. If it weren’t for Sophia Gwendolyn, John and I would probably be living happily now.” It’s been a year, so if I’d ended up with John, we might even have a child by now. She heaved a sigh, her expression slightly dazed. “Let me think about it, Grandpa.”
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